GeekBeat.TV #306 | Apple Introduces the iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

Tuesday was Apple’s big announcement of this year’s iPhone, the 4S. It’s got some nice improvements, including a dual processor, better camera and Siri voice command. Another development is the iPhone’s availability on the Sprint network. Are you planning to upgrade, or were you looking for more?

Power from Your Breath

Researchers have devised a way to capture the vibration caused by the airflow of breathing and convert it into power for things like pacemakers and blood monitors.

Webcam Gives You a Whole New Look

Logitech’s C910 HD Pro webcam delivers a sharp 1080p picture, and if you want to show the person on the other end of your Skype connection how you really feel, it will also turn you into a cartoon dinosaur or shark!


  1. Jaime says

    I’m really surprised there’s no video about Steve Jobs here yet. All websites I’m used to visit have talk about it, some of them showing their respect or other just talking about the industry impact, but here it seems nothing happened yet. Cali, you showed us all before how big Apple fan you are, so what are you waiting for?

  2. Dale Brantelli says

    This iPhone 4s is exactly what I was hoping for. My contract came up in February well after the 4 came out and I waited. Heard about a white phone coming out so I waited some more. Heard about a new iPhone coming out in June, no September, no October and I waited some more. All the time waiting and wanting the iPhone 4. For those who this phone isn’t good enough for, I guess they will have to wait like that.