GeekBeat.TV #321 | Access Any Portable USB Drive by Wi-Fi!

Brand Pages Arrive at Google+

Businesses have been eager to get a shot at Google+, and now that time has come with Google+ Pages.

Water from Dry Air

The vaporators of Star Wars are real! The AirDrop pulls 11.5 milliliters of water from even the driest desert air.

Water-Purifying Pen

The SteriPEN Freedom uses UV light to make water safe to drink. It can process 1/2 liter of water in 48 seconds.

Sanho CloudFTP

The CloudFTP is a new Kickstarter project that will produce a device for sharing any portable USB hard drive with any device (like a phone or tablet) over Wi-Fi. Geek Beat is officially sponsoring it at the $1,000 level.