GeekBeat.TV #328 | Holiday Gift Guide for Big Kids

Dyson Hot

Know someone who’s always cold? The Dyson Hot will keep them toasty and warm.

Aqua Notes

Does someone on your list get their best ideas in the shower? Let them capture those thoughts at the moment with Aqua Notes.


It’s a simple idea, but soooo cool and useful! The Magnepull helps get cables through walls with the use of strong magnets.

Warthog V-Sharp Knife Sharpener

With all that holiday cooking, knives can get dull. The chef on your list will appreciate the Warthog V-Sharp knife sharpener.


If there’s a person on your list who carries a ton of gadgets all the time, the Powerbag, with its on-board battery, will keep everything charged.


For that person who’s always running out of power, but doesn’t go far from their desk, there’s the iDapt, with a variety of interchangeable tips to power a huge range of devices.

Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a great Android tablet, with the perfect size and range of abilities that will keep its owner productive anywhere.

Stuck on Earth App

For someone who always travels with their camera, there’s the Stuck on Earth app, to help them find the perfect spot for the perfect photo, wherever they are.