GeekBeat.TV #331 | Take Over the World with Custom-Built Robots!

Spotify Apps

Spotify is adding music-related apps to their service, to bring you things like lyrics to the songs you enjoy. You can download their app store here.

Custom Robots

Want your own robot, built to your specifications? Here’s a service that will do just that!

Geek Beat Video Workshop

Do you do video for your work, or are you interested in starting your own video show on the web? We’re holding a workshop at our studios to share all our secrets!

eSleeper Cat Bed

The eSleeper is a cat bed built from an old eMac, with a feline-soothing light show – it even tweets when the cat leaves the bed.

Driver Eye Tracking

The Tobii system keeps a watch on your eyes while you’re driving to make sure you aren’t too tired or distracted.

You can see all our gift suggestions throughout the season at!


  1. Bruce R. (BPR639geek) says

    I did build a VERY cool robot when I was a teen from tin cans & electronic stuff I had on hand. I have pictures somewhere, if I find them, can I post them here somehow? The cat bed looks totally rad, but I’d give LL $10,000.00 in cat knipp to say the cat would rather hang out in the box it came in, LOL!!! “B”