GeekBeat.TV #339 | Holiday Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers

Keyport Slide

The Keyport Slide will keep all your keys in one compact, non-jingling, package.

Star Wars Amigurumi

If you like your Star Wars cute and tiny, consider these characters in the Japanese Amigurumi style of knitting.

Screaming Monkey

No one’s day is really complete with out a screaming monkey flying over their head.

Scosche BoomCan

The BoomCan is a tiny speaker, and pretty inexpensive at $25, but it puts out some great sound.


Fix or redesign anything with moldable Sugru – it’s Play-Doh for adults!

Milo Micro Suction Stand

The Milo Micro Suction Stand is a universal holder for gadgets – lots of tiny suction cups hold your device in place.

Bacon Air Freshener

Air is never so nice as when it smells like bacon – and this Bacon Air Freshener will make sure that’s always the case!

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  1. says

    Thanks for featuring my Star Wars amigurumi, but I would like to point out that I only sell the patterns so people can crochet them themselves, not the finished figures.