GeekBeat.TV #341 | Top 10 iOS Apps!


Camera+ makes your iDevice camera more controllable, with features like focus and aperture adjustment.
Price: 99 cents

100 Cameras in 1

100 cameras in 1 gives you 100 different photo effects that you can use individually, or layer for a truly unique look.
Price: $1.99

AppBox Pro

AppBox Pro will turn your phone into a level, flashlight, alarm clock, wallet, diary, ruler, mirror, the most functional calculator ever, and so much more!
Price: $1.99


1Password lets you keep super-secure passwords always close at hand.
Price: $1.99

Angry Birds

Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons bring you the joy of Bird vs Pig catapult combat anywhere you have your mobile device.
Price: 99 cents each

Hootsuite and Google+

Hootsuite and Google+ are great ways to keep up with your favorite social networks while you’re on the go.
Price: FREE

Spotify and Pandora

Spotify and Pandora bring you online music tailored to your tastes.
Price: FREE


If you travel a lot, TripIt will keep you organized even if you don’t know what city you’re in at the moment.
Price: FREE

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Having trouble deciding what to cook? Just give the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner a whirl and you’ll get something great.
Price: FREE

Target Weight

Need a little reminder of your Target Weight and how close you are to reaching it? This app will keep you focused.
Price: FREE

And if you’re an Android fan you can check out our top 10 apps for that platform here.


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