GeekBeat.TV #344 | Biggest Tech Surprises of 2011


To some, Google+ is “just another social network” but between the far-reaching services of Google that can be tied in, and the high level of interaction, Google+ is looking like a winner.

Nintendo 3DS

It took off slowly, but had a great Black Friday, and the Nintendo 3DS is now looking like a successful game platform.

Death of Steve Jobs

Though we knew he was sick, death is always a surprise. The death of Steve Jobs left many of us thinking about his impact on our lives.

Netflix Woes

Netflix seemed like an indestructible business, but a change to the pricing structure, and a short-lived attempt to spin off the DVD business left the company’s image in disarray.

Sony’s Security Breaches

Sony had some huge and repeated problems with hacked databases, and their reluctance to confirm the breaches only made the PR problems worse.

HP’s Brief Exit from PC Business

After canceling the TouchPad a month after release, HP said they were planning to spin off their PC business. Then they changed CEOs, and that talk disappeared.


  1. Doug says

    Hi Cali

    I have been sort of following you since I saw you with Leo L on ‘Call for Help’. I have always been a Sony gamer, but I was at the store the other day and tried a 3DS with Mario3D. I was blown away with the glasses free 3D. What do you think about it.
    P.S. I value your oplnlon (and I think you are very pretty).