GeekBeat.TV #381 | The Coolest Stuff from CES 2012!


If you ever wished your mobile devices could be waterproof (without the addition of a bulky case) then HzO’s proprietary treatment is for you. It’s a nanotechnology coating for the electronics inside your device so you don’t have to worry about whether the case leaks or not.

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Sharp had a bunch of cool, video-oriented stuff on display, most notably the Aquos Freestyle that doesn’t need any cables and their 85-inch 8K TV.

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Blue Microphones

Blue always has some good stuff and this year they brought us the noise filtering Tiki, the pro quality Spark, and a new version of the Mikey.

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Innergie Chargers

Hate having the wrong charging adapter at the wrong time? Innergie makes sure you can plug in to anything!

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Powerbag and myCharge

We use and love the Powerbag at Geek Beat (they got us through long days at CES!), so we were very excited to see both new Powerbags and the myCharge line of backup batteries, many of which can charge multiple devices at once.

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Parrot ZIK Headphones

Parrot has put control at your fingertips with their touch-sensitive ZIK headphones. They’ve got built-in Bluetooth and NFC for easy connection to wherever you keep your tunes. These are still in prototype form, but look for them to hit the market later this year.

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The Trikke is part electric scooter, part Segway – which turns out to be a very cool combination. It comes in three versions depending on how far and fast you want to ride.

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MOD Live

Skiers, how would you like a heads-up-style data display in your goggles? MOD Live is actually a set of Android-powered micro-optics displays that give you speed, jump data, and a bunch of other info, visible in your peripheral vision.

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Xi3 Computers

Tired of having your computer take up valuable space? Xi3 makes a computer small enough to mount on the back of your monitor, out of sight. And those compact computer cases work very well for miniature data centers and home media centers.

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Electric Delorean

It’s not quite running on a Mr. Fusion, but this Delorean is a fully electric vehicle with a top speed of 125 mph.

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  1. says

    THANKS a TON for including the Xi3 Modular Computer in your list of “The Coolest Stuff from CES 2012.” Awesome, awesome, awesome.

    Dave Politis,
    Xi3 Corporation

    P.S. The “full coverage” link above under the “Xi3 Computer” section is broken.