GeekBeat.TV #387 | CES 2012 – WiPNET


WiPNET runs Ethernet over co-ax cable. You’ve probably heard us talk about it before, but now Entropic has added a Wi-Fi access point to the unit mounted in the wall. Put one in each room and no more dead zones!

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Host, Cali Lewis



  1. says

    Running Ethernet over coax is nothing new – that was how it was done back in the 1980s. This implementation looks handy, though. I have rooms in the house already wired with coax. This product could save the hassle of pulling new cable for an Ethernet jack or a Wi-Fi access point.

    • Kris says


      I agree…MOCA has been around a long time, but this form factor is very intriguing. What is not shown in the video or on the website of Wi3, is that you need 2 units (one at each end of coax).

  2. says

    Hello John P.
    thank you, and the Livid Lobster crews, for doing a great job at CES 2012.

    I think if you would put cables into your house for your so called refurbishing it’s smarter to put ethernet cables in instead of coax cables across the house because it gives you 10 to 20 times higher connection-speed in my experience. It’s also more future proof then coax. Coax is very old and the future will be ethernet cables connecting to glassfiber for extreme high connection-speeds.

    Just my two cents :)

    Take care,

  3. Urban Nightmare says

    Please don’t do it. Ethernet over power only causes massive interference for radio. It’s not only the filtering that they fail to do (on some EOP stuff) but also because your pushing radio frequency over an unsheilded cable that runs all over your house turning it in to a giant transmitter. Sure the WiFi 2.5 GHz will be fine but you won’t be able to hear you radio any more.