GeekBeat.TV #398 | Using Your Windows as Computers!

Apple announcements, SOPA and PIPA make the internet go black causing more and more representatives to drop support, GM turning your car windows into computers and an emergency phone that takes a single AA battery.

Apple Announcement

Another Apple Event, took place yesterday where they announced new innovations with iBooks.

SOPA and PIPA Black-outs

On wednesday, many sites including Wikipedia, Reddit and even Geekbeat went black to protest SOPA and PIPA. As of the recording the of show, 18 senators dropped support.

GM Windows of Opportunity

GM is installing window technology that will let you use car windows as interactive computer inputs!

SpareOne Phones

This phone takes a AA battery and provides it with power for emergency uses.

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Host, Cali Lewis



  1. Dave says

    Hmmm… Computer images on the rear window of the car that you can share with people on the outside??? Are we sure that’s a good idea? Opens up opportunities for people to post things that might not be considered appropriate for all audiences. Could result in higher incidences of road rage and accidents due to distracted drivers. One-way interior viewing a much better idea.