GeekBeat.TV #400 | Scrubbing the Ocean with Magnetic Soap!

Cleaning Oil Spills with Magnetic Soap

Researchers are working on magnetic soap, with the idea that it will make scrubbing oil spills from bodies of water easier.


If you regularly have several people you call on for house, pet or babysitting, SitterScout makes finding the one that’s available when you need them one-call-easy.

3D Downloads

The replicator from “Star Trek” moves ever closer to reality as downloadable patterns for 3D printing become more available. Is this the future of retail?

Verizon FiOS Joins Up with Xbox

As the line between computers and televisions continues to blur, Verizon is bringing some Kinect-controlled goodness to this latest tech mash-up.


  1. Brian says

    I really like Geekbeat, been watching it since the early days of Geekbrief, and this one was incoherent by the end of it with unmotivated attempts at comedy and strange jump cuts I the end.