GeekBeat.TV #404 | Let Your Belt “Like” Things on Facebook!


Finally, your clothing can now start to “Like” things on Facebook! The LikeBelt uses Near Field communication and an Android phone to let you “Like” things by pointing your belt buckle at them.

Jellyfish Eggs from the Sky

If you complain about rain, consider this – a man in England experienced a rain of what are believed to be jellyfish eggs in only his yard.

Bacon Up Your Nose

Is there anything bacon can’t do? Researchers have discovered that inserting it up the nostrils can stop chronic nosebleeds.

Liquid-Powered Watch

This $45,000 concept watch uses liquid-driven pistons as well as gears to help tell time.


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    Haha, that would have been perfect! Unfortunately, we had a lot of stuff coming out because of Macworld, and weren’t really sure where this episode landed in terms of numbering. *sigh* oh well! :)