GeekBeat.TV #405 | Contact Lenses Bring Data Right to Your Eyes!

Scottevest Chloe Hoodie

You can keep warm AND wired with this Scottevest hoodie – not only does it have 14 pockets and cozy microfleece, the thumbholes make sure it will keep your hands toasty!

NASA Games Teach Science Skills

NASA has released two games, Space Race on Facebook and Sector 33 (an air traffic control game) for iOS devices. Now you can spend your weekend having fun and learning some new skills!

Augmented Reality Contact Lenses

Innovega is working out a plan for military technology that would have contact lenses display information next to the things soldiers are seeing.

iPod Dock Table

Yes, iPod docks have been around for a while in a lot of different shapes, but this may be a new one – a dock built into an end table. Is it an audio accessory or furniture?

Old Gadgets Becoming Furniture

Here’s another twist on gadget furniture. Rodrigo Alonso is offering a new way to recycle old devices – by making them into stools, tables, or whatever you need!


  1. Bruce R. (BPR639geek) says

    A very intelligent product the contact lens, as a full featured duplex I/O device, the possibilities are limitless as far as human to machine interface. A great driving info system for example, computer control, industrial apps, as well as assistance for the disabled… “B”