GeekBeat.TV #407 | FEEL What Tomorrow’s Weather Will Be

Live Park 4D Art Factory

This amusement park in South Korea is taking the concept virtual. With the help of RFID tags and Kinect sensors, you’ll get an avatar as a companion as you tour displays of holograms and other geeky stuff.


If you want to FEEL what tomorrow’s weather will be, just put your hand on this aluminum cube for a sample of the upcoming temperature.

More Apps for Cats

We already know cats love apps on the iPad – now we’ve got three Kitty-aimed apps from the Queensland RSPCA rolled into The Affection Collection.

Google+ is Growing Fast

Love it (like we do) or totally unimpressed with it, Google+ keeps rolling onward, passing the 90 million user mark.

HDR Photography images used in the show are by Scott Kublin.


  1. says

    Kali, we were at Disney World over the holidays and learned they’re going to establish an RFID-enabled experience in the park, also tied to images and names of visitors. For example, you’ll be able to walk up to Mickey and he’ll greet you by name, ask you how you enjoyed riding on or seeing a number of other things you’ve already visited in the park (again, specified by name), etc. Pretty cool! A little bit stalkerish, but cool!

  2. Mitch J says

    Regarding keeping in touch with you on G+, Cali, it’s getting harder to do that because you have such a legion of followers now that, for each post you make, within minutes you’ve got like 20 comments. Do you really read through all of them? How do I make my comment count so I don’t feel like one drop of water in a bucket full of water? Thank you for your kind reply.

    • Profile photo of Cali Lewis says

      Fair question. :) I do read through every single one of them! I try to respond to as many as possible. If you ask a question, I think I’m pretty good at responding….