GeekBeat.TV #408 | Fifth Grader Discovers a New Molecule

Grade School Science Discovery

What comes of teaching kids science? New molecules! A ten-year-old discovered a new energy-storing molecule in the course of her fifth grade chemistry class!

Verizon Doubles 4G Data

Verizon is bring back their “double data” promotion for smartphone users who sign up for two years of 4G service.

Newest Chrome Has Pre-Rendering

Google Chrome 17 has landed, bringing pre-rendering so you can get your pages faster, sometimes immediately after hitting “Enter”.

Japanese Department Store Android

Geminoid-F is an android who lives in a Japanese department store’s display window, attracting crowds of human admirers with her simulated emotions.

HDR Photography images used in the show are by Scott Kublin.


  1. says

    That robot is amazing looking. I remember the show where you featured that thing and I have to say…as cool as it is, I think if it were in the same room as me when I was trying to sleep, I’d be a tad creeped out! lol Love your show. Been a fan for years. Like the new site!!! Very clean.