GeekBeat.TV #413 | How to Record EVERYTHING on TV

LEGO Robotic Hand

When you’re trying to mimic human movement, LEGO is not a bad place to start! This hand and arm has an amazing range of motion.

Black Hole Storm Warning

Think it’s windy where you are? Astronomers have clocked stellar winds from a black hole moving at 20 million miles per hour.


Did you miss a show because you didn’t remember to record it? With the Promise.TV DVR, you’ll record everything that aired for several days.

Wearable Camera for Police POV

RoboCop draws nearer as the Taser company introduces video cameras for police that can be mounted on glasses or clothing to capture a full shift of POV video.


  1. Fabian Ramirez says

    Take a look at an alternative to Taser’s AXON Flex, it called VIEVU and lots of police departments are already using it.