GeekBeat.TV #414 | Experiencing Tokyo, Japan

Why We Went to Japan

All Nippon Airways invited us to fly to Japan to experience their new Inspiration of Japan service – it was pretty wonderful!

Amazing People

Even though we’re used to fairly nice people we couldn’t help but notice how very nice and respectful the people in Japan were!

The City of Tokyo, Japan

The city is very clean, even with almost no trash cans on the street. It was also extremely quiet for such a huge city.

Making Friends and Picking Up Girls

Our new friend Yukari Peerless helped us make friends wherever we went. Whether it was me grabbing photos with high-fashion girls or John picking up girls, the people were great!

Some Unique Food

John was a little worried about the food before we went, but we both found some fantastic stuff. I ate crab brains! (He didn’t.)

Unexpected Tech Experiences

Seeing tech in Japan was an interesting (and surprising) experience. They’re not really influenced by the outside world – everyone had a flip phone!


  1. William says

    Wow! you guys must have been blind – I live in Tokyo and I assure you a lot of people have smartphones here.

  2. says

    I was in tokyo 2 years ago and it was amazing. My wife was very picky about food, so we did have the occasional mc donald’s, but noticed the meat to be more flavorful and juicy! epic win! Also, Big Boy was way different, but still awesome.

    Also, Akibahara was Epically AWESOME, and I spent way too much there!

  3. says

    Long but awesome episode! I’ve traveled the world for the past 26 years and honestly eaten and drank my way across every continent (except Antarctica) and bunches of countries, including Japan. Food definitely fuels some amazing social interaction and learning when you’re visiting a new place. It’s so awesome that you were willing to try so much of the local cuisine! Can’t wait to see & hear more about the tech that drew you there. Thanks!

  4. Dana Schwartz says

    FYI, my iTunes subscription just got an episode entitled “Experiencing Tokyo, Japan” but it actually turned out to be the Electric cars review again.