GeekBeat.TV #415 | Recharge Your Phone with Electric Pants!

Sony Xperia P & Xperia U

Sony has introduced two new phones in the Xperia series. The Xperia P adds a display feature called “White Magic” that adds white to the standard colors of red, blue, and green for a sharper display. The Xperia U has a special sound system they call “xLoud” for booming out your music.

Samsung Galaxy Beam

Samsung unveiled a phone with its own built-in projector. The Galaxy Beam can project a 15 lumen HD image up to 50 inches wide.

iPad 2 Sale at Best Buy

We’re anticipating the announcement of the iPad 3, and that means the iPad 2 is going to start going on sale at retailers. You can find them for $50 off at Best Buy.

Toilet of the Future

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is awarding eight grants to scientists and engineers for a toilet design that can function without a sewer or water system.

Electric Pants

There’s no reason renewable energy shouldn’t start at home, and so we have Power Felt, a concept that could one day let you recharge your phone from your pants.


  1. Ed says

    When are you going to review the Nikon D800 and D800E? Speak up we want to know what you think of this new cameras!
    Love Cali!