GeekBeat.TV #420 | A Look at the NewTek TriCaster 850 Extreme

Live Streaming with NewTek

We use NewTek TriCasters for all of our live streaming (like Geek Beat LIVE). Our producer Dave Curlee gives a little background on the technology.

The TriCaster 850 Extreme

We’re currently using the newest Tricaster, the 850 Extreme. It gives us great flexibility switching between a number of cameras and other elements such as photos and video.

Audio on the TriCaster

There’s a high degree of control on audio, letting the user adjust levels individually on each video clip.

Recording Flexibility

The 850 Extreme allows you to make a separate recording from each of your inputs, or even record to multiple formats so you don’t have to create those later.

Green Screens Made Easy

Green screens are a great way to put the people in your videos anywhere you want them. The TriCaster makes good keying easy!


  1. says

    Neet seeing where the trickster has gone since back when i started using it in v1. but really did you need to put a commercial in the commercial?