GeekBeat.TV #421 | Measure Your Social Media Footprint!

If you’re on Google+, can help you know how many people are paying attention to you and how fast that number is growing.

Google Ripples

Google Ripples is a tool built into Google+ that maps how many times your posts are shared, and who is sharing them. Its visual design makes it kind of hypnotizing!

Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter will let you know how you rank against other tweeters and what your growth in followers is like.

Facebook Insights

If you’re a dedicated Facebook user (there are a few!) Insights is the Facebook tool to let you know how welled “Liked” your page is.


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    Hey, Cali!

    Love your shows! Thanks for running some news about web/social media technology. Although I do confess to being a gadget geek, I’m primarily a web technology and online marketing geek (a.k.a. WebGuyBob). Keep throwing in the web stuff and I’ll keep coming back for more. Well, I’m already totally hooked on GeekBeatTV, so I’ll be coming back anyway. :)

    Thanks and kind regards,

    Bob WebGuyBob Raymond