GeekBeat.TV #423 | New iPads Released into the World

New iPad Available Today

Today’s the day, as Apple’s new tablet starts landing in customers’ hands. Did you buy a new iPad? Did you pre-order or stand in line?

Woopra on Google Play

We use Woopra at Livid Lobster to track all our web traffic, and now Android users can enjoy it as well – it has just arrived at Google Play.

Google Hangouts Work with Google Docs

Google Docs is great for collaborating on projects with a far flung team, and now you can add in face-to-face communication as Docs begins to work with Google Hangouts.

Samsung’s Android Camera Concept

How about an app-enabled camera that’s not on a phone? Samsung is looking at the idea of a camera powered by Android.


  1. says

    We did pre-order on the new iPad and so far so good. Went from the iPad 1 to the “new” iPad which is definitely a worthwhile upgrade. The higher screen resolution doesn’t show but in the smallest details and even those I have to look for so I’ll be curious to see how that gets better taken advantage of. The color is definitely better and the screen brighter.

    Overall I’d say I like the new iPad, might not be an upgrade if you have the 2 but if you’re on the original iPad I’d definitely make the move. You notice a particular difference in responsiveness.