GeekBeat. TV #424 | Kickstarter Projects to Make Your iPhone Do More!


The JuiceTank is a Kickstarter project for an iPhone case with a built-in charger. Power outlet prongs fold back into the case when they’re not in use.

iCache Geode

Another project on Kickstarter, the iCache Geode is an iPhone case that will store all your credit card information, to be unlocked only with your fingerprint.

Better Holograms for Credit Cards

Researchers in Japan are working on higher quality holograms to thwart credit card counterfeiters.

Hand Crank Vending Machines

Just because there’s a power outage, you shouldn’t have to go without vending machine goodness. This hand-crank design makes sure you don’t have to.

Authentication Power Outlet

Sony is working on a new power outlet system that could allow energy suppliers to power off individual outlets to avoid a complete blackout.