GeekBeat.TV #428 | How to Capture Any Screen

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How to Capture Any Screen

Whether you’re on a computer or mobile device, there are times you want to grab a screenshot. Here’s how, platform by platform.

Software Mentioned:

AndroidDolphin Screen Cut, Screenshot UX and No Root Screenshot It




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  1. says

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus has this feature built in – Volume Down and Power button. I think this is a feature of Ice Cream Sandwich so hoping it will come to the Xoom when that upgrades – until then thank you for the tip for No Root Screenshot app – awesome.

  2. Bruce R. (BPR639geek) says

    Scott am I in the dark ages??? I’m still an avid Windows user, currently using arrrrgh (Vista), I know scary 😐 So I use ‘control, print screen’, then paste in Windows ‘Paint’. I can save it as almost any file format and use the image(s) as I need them. Think I’ve used this method since about 1911. If, (and I say *if*) I ever migrate to an Apple platform, I’ll check out all you recommend. Thanks guys, good show!!! “B”

  3. Mike S says

    My understanding is that all recent Android devices have built in Screencapture. My stock Galaxy S II uses the Home and Power button combination to take a screenshot. It puts the picture directly into a Screencapture folder in the Gallery.

  4. Danny Capener says

    Great Job.
    Within Windows 7, you can also use the built in tool called the “Snipping Tool” to capture any part of your screen. You can also do the same in WIndows XP using a free program called Snippy.

  5. says

    Guys, pleeeeeease, do the sequence about video capturing! I’m so tired of those low-quality-no-pointer-color-changer-watermarked sw for Windows! Thank’s! From Brazil, I’m John V.

  6. Johann says

    This should be updated to add that on Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) screen capture is supported natively- particularly on Galaxy Nexus all it takes is to hold down the volume down button and the power button to get a screen capture. I believe that is the same combo on the Xoom with ICS…thanks for providing the combos for the other systems.

  7. Emilygrae says

    Wait, did Cali say you can edit your screenshot after you take it on your Android device with No Root Screenshot It, but you can’t edit one on iOS? What are you smoking Cali? Of course you can edit an iOS screenshot, just as you can any other pic in your camera roll! And if the basic enhance/red eye/crop edits right in the camera app aren’t enough, you can get the free photoshop express and do more there. And it doesn’t cost you $5. BTW, I didn’t pay $5 for my Samsung galaxy phone for screenshots either. Why not actually help people instead of telling them to pay somebody for stuff you can do for free?

    • Profile photo of Cali Lewis says

      I should have been a bit clearer on that comment – you absolutely CAN edit on iOS – I just meant the No Root Screenshot It app asks you if you want to edit it before saving. With iOS, you already have a saved photo, THEN you can edit.

  8. says

    Cali and Scott, this is a great resource. The search for a screenshot app for my Android phone that did not require root was not a simple one. I eventually stumbled upon No Root ScreenShot IT. I wish you yuys had this resource a year ago.

    I am a big fan of No Root ScreenShot It. The dev, Eddie, is very responsive. It is my goto Screenshot app on my Android phone. Now that my phone has CyanogenMode 7.2, I can use its built in screenshot tool but I prefer ScreenShot It, it is that good.

    The Dophin Browser add-in Screen Cut is great too, you can select what you want to capture when browsing.

    I look forward to your next tips.


    • says

      David, Thanks for the extra tips! Undoubtedly there are a lot of options so it’s hard to cover them all in a short segment but we’re hoping people will jump on and add their ideas as well!

  9. pyrosrock says

    wtf first one out and u cant get it right!
    where is a linux one?
    as usual ignore the open source alternatives
    shame on u!