GeekBeat.TV #429 | Twitter on Toilet Paper!

Nokia Lumia 900

Will the Lumia 900 be bigger than the iPhone? That’s what Nokia and AT&T are hoping for the Windows phone, with a huge launch next month.

Samsung’s Tube-Amp Audio Systems

Samsung is taking their audio line into analog audiophile territory with their new tube-based sound systems.

Jetpack MiFi

Verizon’s 4620L Jetpack MiFi, which can support up to 10 connections, is scheduled to arrive April 12th for $50 after rebate.

Social Media Meets Toilet Paper

Shitter is a new startup that will print your Twitter stream on toilet paper. See, dreams do come true!


  1. DW says

    It’s a small thing and maybe I am hopelessly old fashion but I appreciate Cali not covering the last story. I respect a girl with standards.

  2. Mitch J says

    My daughter says, “That’s not good to have Twitter on your toilet paper. Because you’re going to flush it down and you won’t get your information.”