GeekBeat.TV #433 | AT&T Will Unlock Your Old iPhone

AT&T Unlocking Old iPhones

Good news for those of you holding an older iPhone. If it’s no longer under an AT&T contract, the carrier will unlock it so it can be used with another company.

New Surgical Clamp from the Battlefield

A Canadian trauma surgeon back from Afghanistan has brought something with him – a concept for a new clamp that can be applied in three seconds and stop a person from bleeding to death.

DARPA Grand Challenge for Robotics

We’ve seen robots doing some pretty amazing things recently, but are any of them up to the challenge of this new DARPA robotics competition?

Eccerobot is One Step Closer to Replicants

The Eccerobot might just be able to meet DARPA’s challenge. This humanoid robot has a human-like skeleton, artificial tendons and muscles, and plans for “eyes” and “ears”.