GeekBeat.TV #436 | Top 5 Apps from Uncle Sam

FCC Mobile Broadband

FCC Mobile Broadband (iOS, Android) will test the speed of your broadband, and email results back to the FCC to help them identify trouble spots in coverage.


If you want to know how long the security delays are at various airports or exactly what you can carry through a checkpoint the My TSA app (iOS) will help you out.

The White House

The White House (iOS, Android) is a busy place what with news, photos and everything else. This app will help you keep up with what’s going on in and around the Oval Office.


Want to know what you or a friend would look like as a dead-ending cave dweller? Of course you do, and the Smithsonian’s MEanderthal (iOS, Android) will make that happen.


You can learn all about the many things in space, both naturally occurring and those put there by humans with the excellent NASA App (iOS, Android).