GeekBeat.TV #438 | Capture Split-Second Photos at the Right Moment!

Nero Multi Trigger

If you’re trying to photograph a fleeting moment, like the split-second of a popping balloon, the Nero Multi Trigger can help. It uses a combination of optical, sound and laser sensors to fire your shutter at just the right instant.


Keeping earbud cords from tangling can be tough. The elastic sleeve of the CordCruncher keeps cords wrapped around your wrist or neck completely tangle-free!

GOgroove Pal Bot

Are you an Android fan who can’t get enough of that little green robot? Then this is the portable speaker for you! The GOgroove Pal Bot will tell the world what mobile OS has captured your heart.

NFC Payments Replace Credit Cards by 2020

NFC Payments are an everyday reality in Japan and Europe, but a survey of tech insiders indicate we in the US may abandon credit cards for phones as soon as 2020.