GeekBeat.TV #439 | Three Great Ways to Live Stream!

LiveU LU-70

LiveU makes live streaming units in backpacks so you can go completely mobile (we used one at SXSW this year). The LU-70 encodes and streams video at 10 megabits per second, and sends the signal to multiple cell towers and a Wi-Fi access point at the touch of a button.

LiveStream Broadcaster

If your budget is tighter and you can make do with just a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection, consider broadcasting with the LiveStream Broadcaster for just under $500.

Cerevo LiveShell

Another device that lets you stream direct from your camera is the Cerevo LiveShell, and with a recent firmware update, you can stream to Ustream, Livestream, YouTube Live and flash or wowza media servers.

Whatever Happened to Mobile Digital TV?

A while back, mobile TV was the hot thing that was going to be on all the coolest phones. That never quite happened, and it’s all because of antennas.


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