GeekBeat.TV #441 | Digital Camera Showdown: Nikon D800 vs. Canon 5D Mk III

The Photographers and Their Cameras

Trey Ratcliff and John P. are both great photographers and both very dedicated to their own camera models. Trey shoots with a Nikon D800 and John uses a Canon 5D Mk III.

Frame Rate Shootout

Which camera can capture more frames per second? And maybe more importantly, which sounds cooler when it shoots?

Down and Dirty with the Specs

Are pixel counts important past a certain point? What about color depth, weight, cost, and light sensitivity?

Video Capabilities

Both are very respectable video cameras, but does the Canon have an edge over the Nikon here?

Looking to the Future

Is the DSLR a dying breed? Trey thinks that may be the case, but John sees a good future, particularly for higher-end DSLRs.

Sample Photos

John and Trey took a few photos around the studio with the same subjects, lighting, and similar angles. John’s photos with the Canon are in the left column, Trey’s with the Nikon are in the right column. Click through for larger versions.