GeekBeat.TV #442 | Navigate Inside Buildings with IPS!

CISPA Opposition Grows

On the heels of SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA comes a new bill from the US Congress, CISPA, which would allow Internet providers to turn over private user data to the government.

Vision Goes Bionic

Bionic Vision Australia has developed a pair of glasses that connect to a chip implanted in a visually impaired patient to stimulate the retina and begin to restore sight.

GPS for Indoor Use

GPS is great outside, less so inside. Indoor Positioning System (IPS) calculates your position based on beacons such as Wi-Fi access points to let you know where you are in a building.

Google Maps Gets Gamified

Everything’s getting gamified and Google Maps is no different. Cube allows you to navigate through maps of major cities to reach a given location.