GeekBeat.TV Blog’s Top 10 of 2010

It’s traditional at this time of year to do some sort of “recap” stuff I hear, so here I am to recap GeekBeat.TV Blog’s first year! Or at least the latter half in which we existed, anyway.
It’s been a BIG year in geeky tech with all the Facebook and Google privacy gaffes, the demise of Google Wave, the decline of Google Buzz, the rise of Facebook to dominate the web, the arrival of Google TV from, well, Google, plus Logitech’s offerings, the Apple iPad… I could go on and on and on, but none of that is what this is about. This is all about the 10 most popular blog entries as determined by YOU. Yes, you. All of you out there who have been voting with your browsing habits – we’ve had the Woopra elves working overtime counting up all of your page views for the entire year to determine which posts you visited the most.

Without further ado, we bring you:

#10 – The Intel-Powered Boxee Box

The best way to watch your favorite Revision3 content (like GeekBeat.TV) on your TV? I don’t know, but you sure were curious about it.

#9 – Facebook’s Missing Sections

Ahhh Facebook, when you’re not systematically destroying online privacy, you’re rewriting your terms of service and forgetting to review them before publication.

#8 – The Top 5 iPad Games

The iPad has been a huge hit with consumers, and some say it’s heralding the dawn of the age of touch gaming. Here are some of the best games available.

#7 – The iPhone’s Slider Keyboard

Much as people love their iPhone 4s, not everyone loves the virtual keyboard. Now you no longer have to cast covert longing glances at your neighbor’s shiny Android device.

#6 – Induction Charging for the Magic Mouse

Advances in battery technology may be slow in arriving, but induction charging is one welcome advancement that did make it. Here’s a cool product you seemed to appreciate for the Magic Mouse.

#5 – iPod to iWatch

Months before the HEX Watch Band was announced, another solution for strapping a new iPod Nano to your wrist caught your attention in a big way.

#4 – Even More Must-Have Free Android Apps

If there’s one thing you guys REALLY get excited about, it’s Android apps. This was the second post listing awesome free Android app goodness, and you consumed it voraciously.

#3 – The Sports Car of Cameras

Wow! Who’d have thought painting a camera up like a sports car and sticking a badge on it would be this exciting? Well, okay. It is a pretty awesome camera, and it does look pretty awesome too. You apparently couldn’t get enough.

Hasselblad H4D-40 Ferrari Limited Edition Costs a Pretty Penny

#2 – Star Wars Magical Healing Gel Made Reality

This one, we completely understand. Magical, fantastical Star Wars technology becoming reality doesn’t happen every day. What DOES happen every day is eager readers dropping by to check this story out.
And finally, GeekBeat.TV’s most popular blog post of 2010 – by a HUGE margin –

#1 The Big List ‘o Free Android Apps

If that second list of apps was a fine dessert, then the first list was and is the main course. The response to this post has been enormous, with close to double the page views of #2. You guys really can’t get enough Android, can you? I don’t blame you. I don’t blame you at all.
That’s it for 2010 guys, thank you for being such an awesome audience! We’re all looking forward to writing for and hearing from you in 2011.