Geekiest Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is Big Business

Holidays are always a business boost and Halloween is no different. Americans spend billions celebrating October 31st.

Normal Geeky Halloween Costumes

If you want something you can buy easily in the store or at Amazon, here are some options:

Angry Birds

Where do your loyalties lie? Angry Birds and their Pig antagonists are popular game character choices.


If your game preferences are more old-school you might choose to go as Tetris blocks.


Or maybe your homage to arcade games goes more toward Pac-Man.

8-Bit You

A little 8-bit graphics pixelation might be just the Halloween look you need.

Double Rainbow

If Internet memes are your thing, maybe you and a friend could be a double rainbow.

Working iPhone

Of course, nothing says “Geeky Halloween” like dressing up as a working iPhone.


  1. Michael says

    Surprised no one else posted here about this, but here goes…..CALI IS A FLAT OUT HOT WONDER WOMAN!!!!!