Geeky Gifts for Valentine’s Day

QR Code Valentine’s Card

Finding a card with the perfect message can be tough… UNLESS you order a card with a customizable QR code!

Romantic Music for iPhone & Android

The Valentine Radio app for your iOS or Android device costs you nothing AND you have your pick of radio stations playing love songs to choose from!

Anatomical Heart Necklace

Jewelry is always a good choice: For her, consider this $40 anatomically-correct heart necklace.

Scrolling Belt Buckle

For him, how about a $30 scrolling LED belt buckle – you choose the message!

Lego Cufflinks

Or, for just under $20, you can order a set of Lego Cufflinks.

I Love My Geek Babydoll T

For less than $15 this “I love my Geek” Baby-Doll T will definitely make a statement.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Bra

May the force be with your relationship with this $50 Imperial Stormtrooper Bra!

Bacon Bouquet

A bacon bouquet is always a crowd-pleaser for special occasions. Check out the how-to video for your next project.

Virtual Girlfriend

And if there is no “special someone” in your life, Brazilian website Namoro Fake will post an “Ex-Girlfriend” to your Facebook page for $19, while $40 dollars buys you a current virtual girlfriend with seven days of posts.


  1. Bruce R.(BPR639Geek) says

    Music is always a good warm up (or cool down), not sure about that jewelery either. The buckel, might be a little low, but the Love My Geek Babydoll T, ooOoo there we go!!! Great ideas John THX!!! 😉 “B”