Geeky Halloween Pet Costumes

The Elephant Cat Hat

While cats would rarely want to look like any other animal, this one makes a darned fine elephant.

Canine Star Wars Characters

What would that galaxy far, far away be like populated solely by dogs? These costumes start you on the way to an answer. And some breeds of dog make a perfect Chewbacca or Imperial Walker.

Dogs on the Trail of Adventure

If your dog is always at the center of destruction and danger maybe these Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones looks would be good.

Nothing But a Hound Dog

Is your dog just a hard-core rocker at heart? Maybe they should dress as Elvis, or just go punk.

The Adventures of Space Dog

Your pooch can boldly go where no dog has gone before as the starship Enterprise or the space shuttle.

The Animal Kingdom

Whether it’s skunks, lobsters, or chia pets, these dogs are definitely learning new tricks.

Dog Costume Don’ts

As good an idea as it sounds, your dog will never forgive you if you dress them as up as a pirate.

Going Casual

Maybe your dog just wants to go geek casual with a hoodie – just the thing if a visit to the New York Stock Exchange is on the schedule.