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  • Give us the Elevator Pitch, not the full product run down. If you can grab our attention, we'll investigate with the link you give us.
  • If you'd like to attach an image or PDF description of your product, feel free. But PLEASE keep the files small! These go directly to John and Cali's inbox. So be kind...
  • A few little things before you ship us your product:

    • ** Be aware that we do NOT send things back after review. We have a hard enough time keeping everything coming in straight. No way we could send it all back.
    • ** After we review a product we'll either keep it to use, or give it away to fans. We NEVER sell anything.
    • ** If you really need it back, or you need an NDA/Embargo, just use this form to let us know before you send it. Cali or John will be happy to work with you on that.