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If you'd like to let us know in advance what is coming (always a good idea), or have questions / need to discuss it with us in advance, please use the form below. All products submitted will be opened LIVE during the taping of Geek Beat LIVE, usually the Friday after they are received (at 3 PM EST).
  • Review Request Form

  • Give us the Elevator Pitch, not the full product run down. If you can grab our attention, we'll investigate with the link you give us.
  • If you'd like to attach an image or PDF description of your product, feel free. But PLEASE keep the files small! These go directly to John and Cali's inbox. So be kind...
  • A few little things before you ship us your product:

    • ** Be aware that we do NOT send things back after review. We have a hard enough time keeping everything coming in straight. No way we could send it all back.
    • ** After we review a product we'll either keep it to use, or give it away to fans. We NEVER sell anything.
    • ** If you really need it back, or you need an NDA/Embargo, just use this form to let us know before you send it. Cali or John will be happy to work with you on that.