Get Your Zombie Game On!

Stupid Zombies

I haven’t been able to stop playing Stupid Zombies (iOS, Android). It’s a very well done Angry Birds-like game. Except instead of pigs and birds, you have a man with a gun and zombies just hanging out in obstacles of all kinds… oblivious and waiting for you to shoot them.


Brainsss (iOS, Android) is an addictive game that starts out with mission of “find all the humans and convert them”. You are the zombie trying to turn all the other people into zombies. Find the people, wherever they may be hiding in the neighborhood and attack!

Zombie Cafe

Zombie Cafe (iOS, Android) is like the other cafe games in the market where the basic idea is to setup your cafe so it attracts customers, you cook for them and get paid. Only here, you’re cooking mysterious meats and green eggs and SAM and Hobo Delight. And you turn your customers into zombies so you can have a wait staff (only after they’ve paid of course).

Zombie Highway

Zombie Highway (iOS, Android) is a driving game. Use the device to steer the car left or right to avoid broken down cars on the road. Hit zombies with your car. And if they jump on your vehicle, smash them against some debris to kill them before they kill you! Quite a lot of fun!

Plants vs Zombies 2

There is of course Plants vs Zombies 2 (iOS, Android). Which I hate to admit, is completely addicting and awesome. Plant your garden with enough zombie killing plants to avoid your house getting overtaken and you getting turned into a zombie!

Dead Trigger and Contract Killer: Zombies

If first person shooters are more your thing, check out Dead Trigger (iOS, Android). Kill zombies as they come at you with the weapon of your choice. Reload when you need to, zoom in or out for better aim, and use the radar to know where the zombies are so you don’t get caught from behind! Contract Killer: Zombies (iOS, Android) is another alternative that includes narrative from the characters while you’re completing missions.


  1. Mark Brinkman says

    You missed Zombie Gunship — I always loved its use of monochrome graphics to simulate a thermal camera viewpoint from a circling aircraft on a zombie infested area . Since you have to shoot the zombies without hitting humans, it makes for a very challenging game. It has some legs, since you can upgrade your weapons and ammo. I’ve nearly maxed out the mods I’ve played it so much — and no I’ve not bought any coins to upgrade it.