Gifts for a Geeky Father’s Day

BBQ Branding Iron

Why not remind everyone at dinner just WHO cooked their delicious food with a branding iron? Dad can stamp his name right on that slab of beef!

Tactical BBQ Apron

The Tactical BBQ Apron gives dad a chance to feel like a manly man and go to war with his meat! There are 2 large and 3 small pouches for him to hold his tongs, spatula, beer, salt and pepper, even his phone. Because a man can’t be without his phone!

Wicked Lasers

Maybe he’s less into the grill and more into lighting things on fire with lasers! For that guy, Wicked Lasers are the way to go! They sell the most powerful lasers you can legally own!

Star Wars Family Decals

If he’s a Star Wars geek, the Star Wars Family Car Decals are a fun choice at less than $20.

Tungsten LOTR Ring

Women… if he’s more of a Lord of the Rings fan and you’re looking to remind your husband how much you love him for being such a spectacular dad to your kids, this ring will remind him there’s only one ring to rule your heart.

Magnetic Project Mat

For the tinkering kinda dad, the Magnetic Project Mat is perfect! He can take apart anything without worrying about losing or vacuuming up screws that’ve fallen to the floor!

ProScope Micro Mobile

For the dad who wants to spend more time with his kids, you can encourage that with the ProScope Micro Mobile. Check out our review!


The Olloclip lenses for iPhones give him a chance to take more interesting photos of the kids while they’re spending more time together!


If he’s a traveler, putting a few Dropcams around the house will let him travel with peace, knowing that he can check in on his family and the house at any time.


If dad doesn’t already have Sonos, this is a great present that the whole family can enjoy! It’s a wireless speaker system that lets you play and control music from a computer or mobile device.


  1. Sarah Collison says

    The family all pitched in got Jim the Drobo 5N for his birthday a few weeks ago. He was quite stoked! We should send you the pic Cali!