Majek App Brings Episodic Thriller to Your iPhone

Goldilocks from Majek Pictures
While at Macworld, Cali and I met two filmmakers who are taking their craft mobile. Anna Elizabeth James and Michael Koerbel have created a dramatic web series called “Goldilocks”, which they are shooting entirely on the iPhone 4 and distributing through Vimeo to their own free app, Majek.

Goldilocks is an international espionage tale, told in episodes about three minutes long. The app also delivers behind the scenes content showing the making of the series, and the equipment used, both in video and photos.

If you’re interested in making films that look good on a minimal budget, a glimpse of where filmmaking may be headed through the use of mobile technology, or just a good thriller, you should check out Goldilocks.

Goldilocks Trailer #1 from Majek Pictures on Vimeo.