Google Announces Standalone Apps for Docs, Sheets, and Slides

With more of us turning to our smartphones and tablets for productivity, Google has today announced the launch of standalone iOS and Android apps for Google Docs and Google Sheets, while a version of Google Slides (the company’s presentation tool) will also be coming soon.

So why has Google chosen to do this when you can already access the same tools via the Google Drive app? There appears to be a couple of reasons. The first, and perhaps the main reason, is that by separating each tool into its own dedicated app it gives users a cleaner and more focused experience. As for the second reason, and this is more speculative, it may allow them to compete better with the likes of Microsoft’s Office apps and Apple’s iWork apps – with the former proving to be hugely popular on the iPad.

The new apps have the same look and feel as Google Drive, but with different colour schemes. They also feature offline support, making it possible to edit and create documents and spreadsheets without needing an internet connection.

You can download the new Docs and Sheets apps from Apple’s App Store and Google’s PlayStore today. Just follow the links below to find the versions for your device:

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