Chromecast Update Lets You Mirror the Screen of Your Android Device on Your TV

At last month’s Google I/O conference, one of the more interesting announcements Google made was that Chromecast would be getting an update that would allow you to mirror the screen of your Android device on your TV. True to its word, Google has today started to rollout that feature via an update to the Chromecast app.

Providing you have the latest version of the app installed (1.7), you can access the new feature by opening up the navigation drawer in the Chromecast app, and selecting the “Cast Screen” option. Or, if you have a Nexus smartphone or tablet, you should find a “Cast Screen” option in the quick settings menu.

Once the Cast Screen option has been activated, whatever appears on your small screen will then appear on your big screen. You can even fire up your camera app and have a play with some live mirroring!

Google says the mirroring feature is currently in beta, and will be available to “popular” HTC, LG, Samsung, and other Android smartphones and tablets over the next few days.

I’ve only had a quick play with the new feature on my Nexus 5, but so far I’m impressed. As always, we’d love to hear what you think though. Leave a comment below, via your favorite social network, or over on our forums.

[Source: Google]


  1. Matt says

    Well, works from my Nexus 4 but the phone and the chromecast got really hot and the chromecast locked up until it cooled down! Well it is still in Beta.

    What I saw was very good though, if a little laggy on games (insert unplayable).

  2. Profile photo of Mike says

    hmmm… Chromecast v1.7.4 on an Asus TF300T (Andy 4.2.1) and there doesn’t appear to be a “Cast Screen” option in the nav panel.

    • Profile photo of Mike says

      went to C’cast help and found that screen casting is supported on a very limited number of devices. Just a few from LG, Samsung, HTC.

    • Profile photo of Mike says

      tried it on my GN4 and it works fine. a slight change to the normal procedure – casting is established from within C’cast instead of the app to cast from, but it seems to work OK so far. FINALLY! one of the main reasons I picked up the GN4 was it’s “supposed” support for MHL, which I could never get to work.

      but – a day late and maybe not a dollar short, but finally, finally, finally…
      I can get my “smart”phone to do what I was doing with my old laptop 4 years ago.