Google Fiber Pre-Registration a Resounding Success

Back in July, we reported on Google Fiber, a 1Gbps up/down Fiber Optic internet and television service for the Kansas City area.  Pre-registration is now complete and interest has been phenomenal.  180 of the 202 Fiberhoods had enough pre-registrations to qualify for service, a whopping 89%.

On Thursday the 13th, Google plans to release a final list of Fiberhoods and the order of construction.  Hopefully the resounding success in Kansas will spur development in other markets in the future.  We’ll keep you posted because, we’re not going to lie, the thought of a 1Gbps connection makes us giddy.

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  1. Ken B says

    Who fiber are these guys using?

    Fiber is deployed by private companies and City Government faster then anyone can keep track of.
    Power Utility Companies even lease Fiber to make money!

  2. Bruce R. (BPR639geek) says

    Ok question. The only approved fiber installer to overhead utility poles, underground to streets, homes & businesses in many areas is the Verizon Fios group. With this Google fiber, who is the installer? Reason being, with Fios, it seems like a real good deal, but 1 or 2 years later, the rates seam to sky rocket. Many, many people I know leave Verizon & return to their cable providers. So who is Google sign up with to do the physical installations & provide the internet, TV & phone services, are they saying? cause I can’t find an answer on it… thanks “B”

      • Bruce R. (BPR639geek) says

        Well I’ll be interested to know how they’ll do that, not everyone can hire contractors to hang fiber on or in phone company owned property (being poles or UG real estate), especially if *they* are a competitor. Not to mention start-up costs could be in the billions. Just saying here, I mean we do property & premises fiber installs & I know what’s involved & costs me… “B”