Google Glass Banned at Caesars Palace

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Google Glass Banned at Caesars Palace

Casinos are always a little nervous about anything that might enable cheating at the gambling tables, and now Caesars Palace has banned Google Glass from the casino floor.


  1. Cheese Mcbeese says

    I used to never miss an episode of Geekbrief.

    I now rarely watch GeekBeat for two reasons: the pre-roll and John P’s hi-fi audio segments. The pre-rolls are not funny and are such a turn-off that I quit the podcast no matter how much I’m interested in the upcoming content.

    One man’s opinion. I miss you. Please stop that silly stuff.

    • Profile photo of Cali Lewis says

      Hey Cheese! Thanks for expressing your concerns. :) Let me help:

      –Pre rolls: Are you watching on YouTube? That’s the only place where pre-rolls play, and we can’t do anything about what plays. How did you watch Geekbrief back then? We didn’t have that show on YouTube, so I’m guessing you might have subcscribed through iTunes? What if you did the same with Geek Beat? That would allow you to skip the pre-roll ads.

      Or do you mean something else?

      –Audio Segments: I can only think of two or three audio-specific segments we’ve released in the last several months, but I understand that every piece of content we put out isn’t interesting to every single viewer. We try! :)

      Another good thing about subscribing through iTunes is you can easily skip episodes that aren’t appealing to you when you look at the title and description.

      Keep comments coming – it’s the only way we know what you the viewers are thinking/wanting! :)