Google Glass Could Reach Consumers by End of the Year

Google Glass DetailsGoogle Glass has been around for a while in geek consciousness, being first demoed in May 2012, but now it looks like the display worn like a pair of glasses could be headed to retail by the end of this year.

Woman Wearing Google GlassAccording to The Verge, Google has confirmed that they hope to have a “fully-polished” and retail-ready version of Glass available in 2013, for a price “less than $1,500”. That price is obviously still in flux and probably refers to the cost to developers for the “Explorer” version made available for pre-order during last year’s Google I/O conference. When Glass hits the market, it could be $1499, or it could be at a much more consumer-friendly point. We’ll have to wait and see on that one.

This week Google also launched the #ifihadglass competition for “creative individuals”. The competition requires an application of less than 50 words and can include up to five photos and a 15-second video to convince Google to let you pre-order the Explorer model for $1,500 (it’s not a giveaway).

Otherwise, it looks like Glass will be on more than a few holiday wish lists this year.

(via The Verge)