Google Goggles Gazes Gameward

Google has released Google Goggles 1.3 for Android, offering several big scanning improvements and a method for cheatsolving Sudoku puzzles for those who love the game (or perhaps those who find it too frustrating).

First up, they’ve improved barcode scanning to be near-instantaneous. 1.3 lets you hover over a barcode or QR code while in Goggles, and within about a second it’ll show you the results. No button presses required.

Next, they’ve enabled Goggles to recognize print ads in major magazines and newspapers. Take a photo of the ad, and Goggles should recognize it and give you search results for it, if the ad is recent. (August 2010 and on).

And finally, gaming! Sort of, anyway. If you like Sudoku but get frustrated when you mess up a part and can’t figure out the solution, or if you don’t like it but want to show off anyway, Goggles has you covered. Take a photo of the puzzle with Goggles, and it’ll solve it for you and show you the solution.

It’s a little hard to imagine how that might look, so check out the video instead and see it in action!

The Google Goggles 1.3 update is available in the Android marketplace.

(via TechCrunch & the Google Blog)


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