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GeekBeat at PhotoPlus

Mark your calendars! We’ll be bringing you two days of live coverage from PhotoPlus Expo. We’ll be bringing it to you October 25th and 26th.

GPS-Enabled Shoes

These shoes generate their own power, which drives a GPS receiver to locate them. Then lights in the toes point the way home.

New Phones for Yahoo Employees

People who work for Yahoo are being offered a range of new phones, such as the iPhone 5, Galaxy S3, HTC One X, EVO 4G, or the Nokia Lumia 920. And the Yahoo IT department plans to stop supporting BlackBerry.

Tell “iDoneThis” What You Did

There are to-do lists apps, but iDoneThis keeps track of the things you actually accomplish during your day.

Let Dates.fm Shape Your Dating

Stuck for an idea for date night? Just hand your destiny over to Dates.fm for suggestions on where to go and what to do.

Google Kevin Bacon Numbers

How many degrees of separation is a given actor from Kevin Bacon? Google Search has the answer.

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Host of GeekBeat.TV - Cali has been using new media and podcasts to talk about her passion - technology, gadgets and science - since 2005. Find out more about her at www.geekbeat.tv/about or on Cali's Google Profile.

13 Responses

  1. MegaZone

    I work for F5 Networks, a company with around 2,500 employees I believe. I joined F5 on 2/28/2010 and at the time the official corporate provided phone was the Blackberry, but IT allowed BYOD and a lot of people used iPhones or, like myself, Android.

    Then a year ago or so they announced they would stop providing the Blackberry and would be phasing out BES support for them. Instead they started issuing iPhones to users who wanted them. They don’t give out Android devices, but that’s largely because there are so many choices (unlike the iPhone, where there is just one current model). They did begin officially supporting Android devices within IT and on the corporate voice & data plans. I’m using a Galaxy Nexus now, it seems like most of the other engineers are also using Android devices.

    So many people were opting to BYOD that it just didn’t make sense to keep offering Blackberry and paying to maintain the BES server infrastructure to support them.

  2. Dean

    Hey Cali, saw you on BBC Click recently. Great job! Are you going to become a regular?

      • Dean

        It was one on the Dallas Cowboys stadium. I’m sorry I’ve missed the other segments. Do you know the dates they aired? I’ll check them out on BBC iPlayer. Shhhhh, don’t tell the BBC. I’m in Australia.

      • Dean

        Awesome, I’ll have a look for them. Thanks for not telling, I knew I could trust you with my dirty vpn secret. :-)

  3. Dale King

    I was going to post that Cali had at least a bacon number of 4 due to LeVar Burton having a 2 and LeVar has been on This Week in Tech with Leo.

    • Dale King

      Actually can do one better since Steve Martin has a 1 and Steve Martin was on Leo’s Tech Guy Radio show

  4. Joe Colletti

    I knew Cali’s Bacon number would be higher than mine.
    Mine is a 3.
    But, naturally I’m not in the Bacon database.
    I started putting in the names of a few well-known people that I’ve ever had anything to do with. (very few, but it was legitimate work). The best had a 2, so adding 1 gave me a 3.
    Is this a valid computation, or am I dillusional?

  5. Jason

    I have a Bacon number of 3! Well, not really. There’s an actor listed in IMDB with the same name as me.

  6. Sylvain Racicot

    Hello Cali, I just wanted to let you know your Bacon Number is 2! You interviewed Greg Grunberg, who was in the movie “Hollow Man”, staring Kevin Bacon.