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Scottevest Penny Coat

When I was in Arkansas earlier this week, I was really glad to have my new Scottevest Penny Coat. Nice and warm and 14 pockets for all your gadgets!

Google Maps is Back

Google Maps is back on the iPhone as a stand-alone app. If you’re an iOS user who’s been frustrated by Apple Maps, it’s worth a download.

AfterShokz Sportz M2

AfterShokz headphones let you hear your music or phone call and not be cut off from the rest of the world. The new Sportz M2 model has a reflective band on the back for night time activities.

Transporter vs. Pogoplug

People have asked what the difference is between a Pogoplug and a Transporter. The Pogoplug gives you access to your files from anywhere; the Transporter does that PLUS it does automatic replication of files – backups wherever you want them.

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  1. Tom C.

    Hey, let’s try this again. I asked this the last time you reviewed AfterShokz and never could find an answer. Do these things work for larger than average melons like mine? I tried the Motorola S10-HD headphones which are worn nominally the same as these and they are just too small. I like the idea here, but, sure would like to know if the are likely to fit before buying. thanks!