Google Maps Return to iOS Devices

Screenshot from Google Maps appIf you’ve felt lost ever since Google Maps was removed from iOS 6, your day of relief has come. Google Maps has returned to iDevices as its own app, available free in the App Store.

When Apple severed their ties with Google Maps and replaced them with Apple’s own creation as the default integrated map app, it was a dark day for many iOS users. Not only did Apple Maps lack things many users relied upon, like transit information, they often were just plain wrong, leading users to incorrect locations for searched addresses. Things got so bad, that Apple’s Tim Cook even issued a public apology for the state of Apple Maps and offered a list of iOS mapping alternatives.

The new app provides the familiar mapping users had grown to rely upon, with things like transit info and Street View restored, and turn-by-turn navigation included as well. One element Apple still has over the Google app is in 3D mapping, which isn’t present in this 1.0 release, although the app provides a link to Google Earth (if installed) which does provide 3D.

How do you like the new Google Maps app? Has it restored your trust in iPhone navigation, or do you like Apple Maps better? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Tom M. says

    I’ve yet to upgrade to iOS 6 because of the loss go Google Maps, and have been waiting ever since. Much to my disappoint, Google has not provided an iPad version… So I guess I’m still waiting. Come on Google, don’t forget about your iPad toting friends.