Google Maps Update Lets You Explore Your Surroundings

Taking to the Waves with Stand Up Paddleboarding

I have a new geeky passion! I’m totally addicted to Stand Up Paddleboarding! It’s a great way to work out while getting out on the water.

Android Users Get Updated Google Maps App

Android is getting an updated version of Google Maps. The new Explore feature gives you the ability to “explore” what’s around you – restaurants, bars, cafes…. you can even zoom in and get a Streetview-like look at the particular location you’re interested in.

Build Your Own Ziphius Aquatic Drone

We covered the Ziphius aquatic drone at CE Week. They’re still in the Kickstarter process, but if you’d been hesitating about supporting them, they just announced that they’re adding another funding option. For $99, you can get the DIY version to build your own Ziphius.

Diapers Go Tech

Diapers are getting technology-enhanced! Pampers has a line that tells you when they’re wet with a color-changing strip, and an Indiegogo project called Smart Diapers takes it further with monitoring to alert you to possible health problems your baby may have.