Google Rolls Out Authorship Analytics to Google+ Users

Here’s something new. I just logged into Google+ and over at the bottom of the right sidebar was a new feature.

Google Authorship Analytics

If you’re not familiar with Google Authorship, just do a Google search for “How to Hack Passwords“, and when you see my little avatar beside a listing you’ll know what Google Authorship is. It’s a great way for people to choose between the links they are viewing based on people they recognize rather than just the sort order of the links.

Well, Google is apparently rolling out new analytics to show us something having to do with how things are performing in search results. Here is an example of what my analytics are looking like from the first page of the report.

Presumably the results have appeared 4.5M times, and about 200k of them have resulted in click-throughs in the last 30 days. That’s interesting, if not yet useful. And I suppose it might be a higher click-through rate than others who are not known may be experiencing.

Do you write online, and have you seen an improvement in search as a result of Google Authorship?


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    I have noticed this in the webmaster tools for a couple of weeks now. I am really not certain how this impacts search at this time. I would like to see a control between posts that aren’t flagged and those that are. I am guessing if someone is one of your circles your post may appear higher, but unless you have really large circles I don’t know what impact this will really have.

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    I can’t get to this through G+ yet either. BUT – these stats have been available in webmaster tools for a while. Simply log in to any webmaster tools account, go to ‘labs’, and you’ll see author stats. The stats there are for your login address, rather than for whichever website you’re looking at.

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    Hi John, great find!

    I’m struggling to find it though! Maybe I’m being blind, or perhaps Google’s rolling it out slowly (similar to the vanity URLs)? Do you remember which page you were on when you found it? Thanks! :-)