Google+ Updates Notifications, Sharing and More

Lots of great news coming from Google today.  Not only has Google released vanity URLs, like this for – and this for Cali –, but they have made some much needed updates for your streams.

Better Notifications

For one, have you ever missed a post from a close friend or family member? Now you can set the slider bar so that will never happen again. We all want to see just what is important to us. Just by moving your slider bar to the far right, in the top right corner on your stream, will activate notifications whenever your important friends or family make a post. So never miss that new picture of your new born niece, a video of your buddy playing beer pong and making the winning shot, or a new video review from GeekBeat. Simple but very useful.

Easier Sharing

Have you ever wanted to share those cool videos from your buddy, or the awesome review from the GeekBeat staff? Now it’s easier to  share it to anyone. Just select the down arrow near the share button and select email. Again, very useful to share with friends and family that have yet to use Google+.

Turning Down the Volume

So, these are all nice new features. But what about those users that, well, post something every few minutes. You know who they are. You want to see their feeds and they do have great information to share, but +Chris Pirillo does post a lot. Well now you can mute those notifications or even the whole profile. Oh and by the way Chris we love you, and I would never mute you.

The updates should start showing up in the next day or so. You know the drill, keep refreshing and be patient. Oh, and make sure you have added +Cali Lewis and +GeekBeat.


  1. says

    Still no updates on my personal G+. No Custom URL, No slide bar for notifications. Pretty Awesome that Google picks and chooses who is important…